Indie Celebrity Spotlight : DJ ICEMAN


Coming from Brooklyn New York and holding down Tacoma Washington, DJ Iceman has been putting down for the culture since 1982. An avid proponent of the culture, Iceman is always speaking his mind on a variety of subjects that affect the DJ culture.

Where are u from?
Originally from Brooklyn New York, now living in Lakewood Washington

Who were some of your DJ influences?
My Uncle A.D., Jazzy Jeff, Ron G, Mixmaster Mike, Rob Swift, Larry Levan

What do you think of the DJ game in today’s world?
I love it. There are so many new things coming out and a lot of DJ’s are really pushing the envelope creatively.

What’s your opinion on Mixtape DJ’s vs Turntable DJ’s?
I think they are both vital parts of the DJ game. I just wish Mixtape DJ’s would get back to actual mixing and displaying skills instead of acting like glorified ipods.

What’s your biggest pet peeve?
Artists that always hit up DJ’s to play their music, but NEVER support the DJ’s.

dj iceman


What projects are you currently working on?
I’m on every Tuesday from 8-9 pm PST on Juice Radio ( I got the “Sick Blends Pt 2” and the “Hard Body Blends” projects coming up as well as various other projects and shows.

How do people book you?
You can reach me at @dj_iceman on Twitter “Dj Iceman” on Facebook?
or my website

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